Finding Divorce Solutions That Are Consistent With Your Values

Every divorce has its disagreements, but these do not necessarily need to become contentious battles. It is possible to finalize your divorce while remaining civil and upholding your core personal values: decency, honesty, compassion, respect and the protection of your children. We have found time and time again that nonadversarial proceedings usually result in more satisfactory resolutions.

If you wish to find a nonadversarial solution to your divorce, look no further than Hargrave Family Law. Our experienced team, led by a Board Certified family law specialist, can help you find creative solutions to end your marriage and move forward into the next phase of your life.

We will guide you step by step through establishing temporary orders while your case is proceeding; properly valuing your marital estate, both finances and property; developing a possession schedule that is best for your children; advocating for you and your family through mediation; and resolving your case so you can write the next chapter of your life with hope and enthusiasm.

Experts In Mediation And Collaborative Divorce

Many Texas courts require or at least encourage mediation before they will grant a divorce. You will need an attorney who can competently represent you and your interests in that process. We have years of experience helping hundreds of clients achieve resolution through mediation. Whether your divorce is resolved in mediation or you must proceed to trial, we will assist you every step of the way on your way into your new future.

In Texas, many lawyers say they do collaborative law without really having invested in learning and practicing the skills necessary to be an effective collaborative attorney. Hargrave Family Law's founding attorney, Jennifer Hargrave, is committed to collaborative divorce and believes that with the right team, it can be a valuable option for many families facing divorce. Not only is she a continuing student of collaborative negotiation skills, including attending ongoing in depth extended training, but she has also been called upon to teach at collaborative conferences such as the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, Collaborative Divorce Texas events and other civil collaborative law trainings. She was also a contributing author to the leading book on collaborative divorce in Texas, Collaborative Law - Start to Finish, published by the State Bar of Texas.

With her guidance, you can work together toward resolving your divorce collaboratively, establishing a constructive relationship with your former partner that allows you to co-parent in the future in a way that is best for your family.

Protect Your Future. Protect Your Family.

Fear often motivates people to approach divorce as if it were a battle. However, the best decisions are not made from a place of fear. We believe it is important to help educate and empower our clients to make the best decisions for their family from a position of strength. Divorce is never easy — but we can make it easier. We know from helping hundreds of clients that it is possible for your family to emerge from this challenge with relationships intact as you move on to your "new normal."

Discuss your options today by contacting the experienced divorce attorneys at Hargrave Family Law. Help is a phone call or email away. Contact our Dallas office by calling 214-420-0100 or sending an email today. Our mission is to help good people end broken marriages.