Trust Your Collaborative Divorce To A Board Certified Specialist

Collaborative divorce is an excellent option for couples who wish to work together to resolve their divorce. It allows spouses to keep their divorce process private, to maintain more control over the outcome of their case, to explore creative options tailored to their unique circumstances, and to maintain their core values: decency, honesty, compassion, respect and the protection of your children.

Hargrave Family Law is fully equipped to explore whether collaborative divorce is a viable option for your family. In Texas, lawyers do not need any special qualifications to represent clients in collaborative divorce. However, to obtain the benefits offered by collaborative divorce, it is best to select an attorney who is truly committed to it. Our founding attorney, Jennifer Hargrave, has been guiding families through the collaborative divorce process for over 12 years. She is a member of Collaborative Divorce Texas and is frequently called upon to speak to other professionals about the collaborative divorce process. In addition, she was a contributing author to Collaborative Law - Start to Finish, the guidebook published by the State Bar of Texas for families using the collaborative divorce process in Texas. This is a testament to her understanding of and dedication to the collaborative divorce process. When you work with our dedicated, experienced legal team, an amicable resolution to your divorce is closer than ever, one that allows you to move forward knowing you maintained your core values and did your best to retain the civility in your relationships for the health of your family as you move into the future.

What Exactly Is Collaborative Divorce?

Unlike traditional divorce, which is tried in a courtroom before a judge, collaborative divorce is private. In a collaborative divorce, both parties commit to working together with a team of professionals outside of the courtroom to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution to their divorce. Each spouse, working with their attorneys, can devise creative solutions to property division, spousal support, visitation and other important family law issues, leading to greater satisfaction with the ultimate result.

Finding The Solutions You Need

Even the most amicable of collaborative divorces have some disagreements that are bound to appear. Collaborative divorce grants couples much more control over the outcome of the divorce, giving them the freedom to craft resolutions that work best for them and their family. Working with their attorneys, a financial expert and a mental health expert, the parties have the resources they need to support finding a beneficial resolution to the end of their marriage. This approach can also preserve the co-parenting relationship and shield children from the harsh emotional aspects of divorce, setting up the best possible scenario for the family as a whole as they shift into the next chapter of their family's journey.

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