Simplifying Complex Property Division

Some divorces are straightforward, involving little property and limited assets. Others, however, involve complex estates that require extensive legal expertise. If you have a large estate or many complex assets, your divorce will require a lawyer who understands the valuation process and who can effectively represent your interests.

The attorneys at Hargrave Family Law have experience representing clients in divorces involving complex assets. Because we are led by a Board Certified family law specialist, we have exceptional skill in helping clients manage sophisticated property valuation and division issues in complicated divorces. We work closely with our clients to develop satisfactory distribution agreements and structured settlements, even for very large and complicated estates.

We Understand Complex Asset Division

Complex property division requires extensive skill and knowledge. At Hargrave Family Law, we understand the intersection of business, finance, divorce and family law. We use our thorough knowledge to help you divide complex assets such as:

  • A family business
  • A professional practice
  • Stock options
  • Investment properties
  • International property holdings
  • Intellectual property
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Retirement and pension plans and accounts

Our firm can help you identify and value these assets, determine marital versus separate property and help you reach a property distribution arrangement that's beneficial to and protects your interests.

How Will Texas Community Property Laws Affect My Divorce?

Texas is a community property state. This means that most assets acquired during a marriage belong to both spouses unless a premarital agreement was executed. The court will allow you to keep separate property that you can prove you acquired before your marriage, and it will provide for a division of all property acquired during the marriage between each spouse. If you have significant assets, this means you have a lot to lose. It is crucial to work with experienced attorneys to correctly identify an asset as separate or community property, as well as determine its proper value and (if applicable) its equitable division.

The team at Hargrave Family Law can find creative solutions to facilitate your chance at walking away from your divorce with your finances intact. Let us help you today by contacting our Dallas location for an appointment. Call 214-420-0100 to get started or contact us online.