Guiding Business Owners Through Divorce With Experience

As a business owner, there are many unique details you must address in a divorce. These include properly valuing your business, evaluating the effects of the divorce on the overall value of the business, and determining the steps necessary to preserve its short-term and long-term success. Confronting these complex business matters while also navigating a divorce can be overwhelmingly complicated and risky. If there's a business involved in your divorce, retaining a law firm that has experience handling divorces for business owners is crucial.

Hargrave Family Law can help you identify what you want and need for your business' continued success, as well as help you navigate the personal aspect of preparing for your own life after the divorce.

Helping You Do What Is Best For Your Business And Family

At Hargrave Family Law, our team can help you determine the path that protects your best interests regarding your business. We can assist you with:

  • Determining the distinction between marital and business assets
  • Resolving disputes within a family business
  • Valuation of a business
  • Protecting the personal goodwill of the business
  • Division of a business
  • Enforcing a prenuptial agreement
  • Facilitating a sale or acquisition of a business
  • Distributing other complex assets, including retirement plans and stock options

Our lawyers can help your business remain strong and successful as you and your business enter into the next stage.

Combining Strength With Civility

The attorneys at Hargrave Family Law work hard to protect the business interests you have worked hard to build. We also know how a contentious legal battle can negatively impact the future of your business. For many of our clients, protecting their business interests also means protecting their reputation, integrity and relationships post-divorce. We use our expertise in dividing complex assets, along with our experience and strong collegial relationships with other professionals, to help you get the results you need to protect your business and in turn protect your future. We are also ready to vigorously defend your interests as needed, knowing that we are there to help you protect what matters to you.

We are here for you when you need legal guidance as a business owner who is divorcing. Schedule a consultation at our Dallas, Texas, office by calling 214-420-0100 to get started or by contacting us online. Let us help you protect what you value the most.