Considering Marriage? Consider A Prenuptial Agreement.

Many couples do not like the idea of prenuptial agreements. Discussing your finances and assets with an attorney may not sound romantic, but it is very wise. Prenuptial agreements are very important in protecting the assets and futures of you, your fiancé and your heirs. If you are preparing for marriage, you should consider discussing a prenuptial agreement with a lawyer, especially if you and your fiancé have significant assets and/or children from previous relationships.

The attorneys at Hargrave Family Law have worked with numerous couples throughout Texas to create mutually satisfactory prenuptial agreements. Our team views prenuptial agreements as much more than legal documents. Prenuptial agreements can be a smart decision for people who are in love and want to provide for taking care of their partner in the future.

Why Should I Get A Prenuptial Agreement?

There is a widespread misconception that prenuptial agreements are meant to protect one partner's finances in case of a divorce. That can be true, but prenuptial agreements can also address numerous other issues for both spouses, such as:

  • Identifying the separate property that belongs to each party, including family heirlooms
  • Preserving the right to spousal support
  • Determining who has the right to buy or sell the marital home
  • Protecting the right of one spouse to inherit the other's property if he or she dies
  • Accessing one partner's government benefits or life insurance policy

Partners who love each other can benefit greatly from engaging a process that allows them to work through financial issues, agreeing in advance how they will handle such issues before having to confront them in times of stress during the marriage. It is an intelligent way to plan for and protect your future individually and as a couple.

We Care About Your Future And Your Family

As experienced attorneys, we see firsthand how prenuptial agreements can protect a couple's rights further down the road. If you have children from a prior relationship, a prenuptial agreement can also affect and protect the rights of your children. Our Board Certified family law specialist can work with you to draft a prenuptial agreement that will take into account your future and your family.

Consider taking the important step of protecting you and your partner's rights with a prenuptial agreement. Contact Hargrave Family Law in Dallas to speak to an experienced, compassionate family law attorney. Call 214-420-0100 to get started or send an email.

Post-Marital Agreements

In the time that has passed since your wedding day, your life may have changed significantly. Medical issues may have significantly affected your family's finances; one or both of you may have inherited significant assets; a business owned by one or both of you may have been created, flourished, or ended in bankruptcy; or any number of other scenarios that life may have brought your way.

A post-marital agreement can help protect both of you, as well as your children, as a result of life's changing situations by dictating how a couple voluntarily decides to divide their property and assets in the event of a divorce or death. It can:

  • Ensure that a family business stays in the family
  • Protect one spouse from large debt accumulated by the other partner
  • Alter the terms of a prenuptial agreement
  • Divide your entire marital estate into two separate estates while you remain married
  • Convert one spouse's separate property into community property
  • Protect children, property and debts/liabilities from prior marriages

It is possible to craft a post-marital agreement that can relieve stress and strife in the marriage so you can focus on what's important, knowing that you are protected and that your desires will be followed. We at Hargrave Family Law approach post-marital agreements in a manner that strives to accomplish your goals while keeping your relationship with your spouse amicable.

If you are interested in a post-marital agreement, our team is prepared to help you get this accomplished. Call an experienced family law attorney in our Dallas office at 214-420-0100 to get started, or contact us online. We are dedicated to helping you protect what matters most.