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What do you mean Easter isn't a "Standard" Holiday?

What happens when holidays that are special to you and your family aren't part of the "Standard Possession Order"?

It's April, and the Christian celebration of Easter is upon us! Our lives are filled with fun Easter traditions.  My children have grown up to expect that we will dye Easter eggs together, we will go to church late on Saturday night to ring bells at the great Easter vigil, and we will arise early Sunday morning to find Easter baskets filled with goodies.  These family traditions are important for our children.

Easter, however, is not one of the "standard" holidays set aside in Texas' Standard Possession Order.  The "standard" holidays include:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, Mother's Day and Father's Day.  While the standard holidays provide a change from the regular possession schedule, such that one parent has possession of the children when they would otherwise not have possession, the other non-specified holidays will fall on whichever parent has that weekend.  For example, in 2019, Easter happens to fall on the 3rd weekend of April; thus, the non-primary parent has possession of the children this year.

Parents are often surprised to learn that holidays such as Halloween, Easter and the 4th of July are not part of the "standard holidays" set forth in the Texas Family Code. But that doesn't mean they can't be addressed. For example, July 4th may be a big celebration in your household, while your partner's family enjoys a big party on Ground Hog's Day! Many people choose to include provisions for these holidays in their final Decree, which can be included if the parties are able to reach an agreement on them. 

If you have holidays that are meaningful to you, whether they are religious and/or family traditions, it is important to discuss those traditions with your attorney so they can be discussed during negotiations. Often, the parties are able to reach agreements for sharing those important family holiday traditions.  

At Hargrave Family Law, we help our clients craft creative, customized possession schedules that meet the unique needs of their family.  If you are considering divorce, or modifying your current custody arrangement, contact Hargrave Family Law now to learn how we can help.

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