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Research reveals that student loans may cause divorce

According to research, student loan debts may cause other problems in addition to massive debts. Students with heavy debts may end up getting divorced. Researchers have known for years that money causes stress in marital relationships. However, the most recent study shows that student debts are more harmful than other types of financial obligations. The Student Loan Hero study found that 33% of student borrowers believed their divorces were caused by money problems with 1 out of every 8 students blaming his or her student loans for causing marital issues leading to divorce.

The problem with a student loan is that it is usually larger than the average debt. The average student loan is more than $34,0000. Some students even have loans equaling more than $50,000. Individuals graduating from college without any jobs in the real world may find it more than difficult to pay back their loans. A married student with plans to buy a house and have children may face insurmountable monetary issues.

Those who are planning to marry should think about their student loan debts before doing so. Otherwise, they may find themselves in divorce court. Any person who has a large student loan debt needs to think about how he or she plans to repay the money. Prenuptial agreements may work for some people. Others may want to postpone their wedding dates until they eliminate their debts.

Married individuals who find themselves in difficult situations caused by student loan debts may want to consult with a family law attorney. A married couple with children may find it impossible to cope with mounting debts attributed to student loans. A married couple thinking about getting divorced can set up a consultation with a divorce lawyer. Most initial consultations are free. A divorce attorney may have the ability to help a couple resolve difficult issues.

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