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Compelling reasons to consider child custody mediation

Few things make parents more emotional than their children, whether they live here in Dallas or anywhere else in the country. During a divorce, the fate of the children can definitely bring out a wide array of emotions, and not all of them are positive. This could complicate the process of reaching a child custody agreement and devising a viable parenting plan.

If you find yourself in this situation, you understand. Perhaps for this reason, you want to pursue an avenue of resolving this issue that does not encourage you and the other parent to be adversarial. You may find yourself contemplating mediation but want to know the benefits first.

Here's what you could gain through mediation

You may already know that mediation keeps thing neutral, encourages cooperation and communication, and helps you reach an agreement on your own. However, the benefits below may be what spurs you into choosing this alternative method of dispute resolution:

  • You and the other parent retain control over the outcome. Instead of leaving your and your children's fates to a well-meaning judge who doesn't know your family as you do, you can craft a plan and agreement that works best for your family.
  • Mediation occurs privately, which means that you do not have to discuss your lives in open court where anyone can walk in and listen.
  • You both have the chance to express your opinions and offer ideas regarding how to resolve your issues and do what is best for the children.
  • Since you and the other parent negotiated your child custody agreement and parenting plan together, you are both more likely to follow through with what you agreed to do.

Regardless of the fact that your marriage ended, you and the other parent retain a connection through your children. That relationship doesn't just go away. If you can avoid the emotional turmoil that often accompanies a divorce, you could lay the foundation for a cooperative and stress-free co-parenting relationship. No one expects you to be the best of friends, but the ability to work together for the good of the children is admirable.

Even if you do decide to participate in mediation, you still need to make sure you protect your rights. This entails gaining an understanding of those rights and having an experienced attorney at your side to make sure that whatever agreement you come to provides you with the best protections possible. Yes, your children are the first priority, but protecting your right to a relationship with them remains vital.

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